Fully Managed E-Commerce Assets

We build and scale fully managed e-commerce assets leveraging the power of the Amazon Wholesale FBA model.  

Our Strategy

An Asset Management Approach To E-commerce

We believe in e-commerce as a vehicle of capital growth
and preservation. Our goal is to build businesses that
provide cash flow and asset appreciation with higher
than market returns.  

Wholesale FBA Model

Why Is It The Best Model To Sell On Amazon?

Wholesale FBA is the most efficient approach for a simple reason: no need for marketing and advertising, since we work with established brands such as Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Fisher Price among others.

Highlights and Opportunity

Fully Managed E-Commerce Asset Management Portfolio

We build and scale absentee owner ecommerce assets leveraging the power of the Amazon Wholesale FBA model.

Through highly vetted supply chain partners we are able to build profitable stores to provide our clients with better than market returns.


Avg. Sales (After 24 Months)


Roi On Cogs (Average)


Avg. Profit (After 24 Months)


Stores In Portfolio


Assets Under Management

30% - 60%

Coc Returns

Based on actual data from our current stores. Each new store is independent and results may vary.

How It Works

In House North American Management Team And Fulfillment Centers

Entity Formation

We create and entity that you own 100% and an amazon seller central account.

Product Research
Our team uses data driven analytics to find winning categories and products, then acquire them from our extensive..

Products are shipped to our prep centers for quality inspection, then sent to Amazon Fulfillment centers. 


We create and optimize listings, monitor sales and allocate working capital with you to keep scaling the store.

Current Clients Stores Sales

The sucess rate of an average amazon private label seller is 20%, whereas wholesale FBA sellers boast a whopping 85% success rate. “

Sales and Margins From Our Stores

Scaling Timeline According to Store Age

Store AgeInventory Value
(Cogs Based)
Sales to DateMonthly Turnover AVG.ROI on COGS
(To Date)
Gross Profit
6 MONTHS$22,305$62,45528.00%21.15%$10,305
8 MONTHS$37,904$71,20245.68%26.00%$14,135
15 MONTHS$83,308$244,49123.80%20.10%$39,157
26 MONTHS$134,603$1,427,32348.00%19.98%$216,610

Fully Managed Store Packages

Onboarding Fees For Different Profit Splits

Basic Package
Premium Package
Expert Package
Weekly charge of $80 with regular manpower. For larger amounts of working capital we can accomodate additional manpower requests with advanced notice.

Our Guarantee

Buy Back Option

Death and taxes, right. No one can guarantee outcomes if they are being honest. However, we stand by our history and data, and will happily pay you the difference between onboarding fee minus profits made and buy back the store from you. 

Meet Our Team

our founders

Luigi Caceres

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Bensted-Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Branden Yamada

Chief of Acquisitions

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